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MailSite Fusion Version 10.4!
We are proud to anounce the release of MailSite 10!

MailSite Fusion 10.4 is now available for download. The 10.4 release enhances the features introduced in MailSite 10, including a new ExpressPro look and feel, incorporating a full pane message viewer, and mailbox and domain admin controls.

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Introducing MailSite Fusion 10

The admin controls allow server and domain administrators to create, delete and configure user's accounts and set domain properties from within the web client.

We have introduced customisable password complexity rules and account lockout for the web services. And made changes to the disk file management code to include atomic operation support for common IMAP, AirSync and ExpressPro operations to boost client responsiveness.

MailSite version 10 brings an enhanced ActiveSync server that brings native email, calendar and contact sync to Microsoft Outlook. It also brings support to an increased list smart phones for push email, calendar and contact updates over-the-air to BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, iPad and other smart phones and tablets. For all but the BlackBerry devices, this is achieved without any plugins, and no expensive and complex middleware is required.

We have invested significant amounts of time testing and profiling MailSite services against many different use cases and clients. This has allowed us to implement caching strategies to improve the responsiveness of the services while significantly reducing disk and network IO.

We have enhanced the ExpressPro web client to make use of the performance improvements, and added support for responding to meeting requests and offline mail processing.

The main new MailSite Server version 10 features are:
  • New ExpressPro Look and Feel with full pane message viewer and reorganized controls.
  • ExpressPro Mailbox and Domain Admin Section.
  • Customisable password complexity rules with account lock out.
  • Outlook ActiveSync support providing true native calendar, contact and email synchronization to your desktop, mobile device and the ExpressPro web client.
  • IMAP Idle delivering PUSH email to your inbox.
  • Support for responding to meeting requests.
  • Distributed SQLite mail store index caches for increased IMAP, POP and delivery performance.
  • Significantly reduced disk and network I/O.
  • Faster Anti-Virus update processing with progress visible through the MailSite console
A full list of features new to MailSite Fusion version 10 can be found in the Release Notes.

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