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MailSite for Service Providers
SMTP, IMAP, POP, Webmail and ActiveSync Email and Collaboration Solutions for Hosting Providers
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Messaging Solutions for Hosting Providers
MailSite Fusion SP messaging hosting software provides carriers, hosting providers and service providers with a secure, clustered, scalable, high-performance and fault-tolerant email service, which includes SMTP, POP and IMAP email hosting platform.
  • ActiveSync Server
  • Calendar Server
  • Supports multiple, virtual domains
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • Anti-Spam and Virus Protection
  • Powerful Custering Options
  • Central Microsoft SQL Server
  • Over-the-Air Sync with Windows, Apple iPhone, Nokia E and N Series), Android, and Blackberry smartphones

Key Features

System Requirements

Clustering Options
MailSite Fusion SP uses with a SQL server cluster for configuration and subscriber database, which offers full billing and provisioning system integration. This allows you to scale across multiple clustered application servers and provides you with the option to add additional servers any time in order to meet increased capacity requirements. To make sure the mail server fits the number of mailboxes you require, MailSite SP can be deployed in environments ranging in size from 500 mailboxes to as many as 2 million mailboxes.
Cloud Support
MailSite Fusion enables you to host your mail server in the cloud using services from Amazon, GoGrid and other providers.
Ultimate Email Security
MailSite SP provides maximum email security through SSL/TLS protocols, Authenticated SMTP, RBL & RDNS lookup, Directory Harvest Attack Protection (DHAP), anti-virus software and anti-spam protection, as well as MIME-aware sieve filtering options.
Great Value at Lower Price
MailSite SP provides low overhead, low risk rolling upgrades, and around-the-clock technical support at a fraction of the price of Microsoft Exchange, making MailSite a great alternative for those who want an excellent product at an affordable price.
Data Sync
MailSite SP allows its users to keep their email, calendar, and contacts at sync from whichever platform they use!
MailSite Fusion also comes with a mult-language customizable AJAX web client and supports multiple virtual domains.
Microsoft® Windows™ compatible hardware
1GB RAM minimum
500MB storage minimum
Windows 7 Professional or;
Windows Server 2003 (excluding Web Edition), or;
Windows Server 2008 (excluding Web Edition), or;
Windows Server 2012 (excluding Web Edition)
Internet Information Services (IIS) with ASP.NET
SQL Server 2005 or later.

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