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Outlook Integration
Sync Outlook's email, calendar, and contacts
Full Two Way Sync with Microsoft Outlook and MailSite Fusion

Outlook 2013 and later

Outlook 2010 and 2007

OutlookLogoThe MailSite Fusion ActiveSync server has been enhanced to provide full native Synchronization of Email Calendar and Contacts between your mobile devices, The MailSite server & ExpressPro web client and Outlook on your Desktop.

Normally used to sync over-the-air with mobile devices, Microsoft Outlook now supports Exchange ActiveSync email accounts. Microsoft designed this functionality to be used with its expensive Exchange 2010 and 2012 email servers. But we at MailSite have adapted our ActiveSync Server to seamlessly support Outlook.

Simply set up your outlook email account using the same information you would use to connect a Mobile device and enjoy seamless end to end sync of your calendar and contact data together with push email delivery.

  • Does not require you to install or maintain any Outlook desktop plug-ins
  • Full two way read/write sync
  • Share Calendar and Contacts with people on other clients for full collaboration
MailSite Fusion provides full support for Outlook 2007 & 2010. You can now have a single set of email, appointments and contacts synchronized between Microsoft Outlook, ExpressPro, and your Mobile Phone.
  • Does not require you to install or maintain any Outlook desktop plug-ins
  • Allows you to send a rewritable version of one of your calendars to other contacts who are also using Outlook
Learn more about Outlook Intergration
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