Release Notes
Rockliffe MailSite v 10.3.0

1. Introduction
2. What's New
3. Requirements
4. Installation
5. Security Configurations
6. Purchase
7. Support
8. MailSite and ExpressPro Changes
9. Known Issues

1. Introduction

Welcome to MailSite Fusion 10. These release notes contain valuable information on the latest features and improvements in this release of MailSite Fusion.

MailSite Fusion 10 includes an enhanced ActiveSync server that brings native email, calendar and contact sync to Microsoft Outlook 2013. It also brings support to an increased list smart phones for push email, calendar and contact updates over-the-air to BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, iPad and other smart phones and tablets. For all but the BlackBerry devices, this is achieved without any plugins, and no expensive and complex middleware is required.

We have invested significant amounts of time testing and profiling MailSite services against many different use cases and clients. This has allowed us to implement caching strategies to improve the responsiveness of the services while significantly reducing disk and network IO.

We have enhanced the ExpressPro web client to make use of the performance improvements, and added support for responding to meeting requests and offline mail processing.

The main new MailSite Server version 10 features are:

A full list of features for customers new to MailSite Fusion version 10 can be found in the What's New section.

Before installing or upgrading MailSite Fusion, please review each section in this document to understand all the new features, installation requirements and known issues.

This version of the Installer also contains the latest available MailSite hotfixes.  These can be identified by examining the version number of individual MailSite components.  Any components with a version number after .0 are hotfixes.

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2. What's New

MailSite 10 includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. For ease of reference the new features are grouped as follows:

2.1 MailSite Services

Please contact MailSite Support who can guide you towards available knowledge Base Documents for these new MailSite features: 2.2 MailSite ExpressPro and WebServices

Please contact MailSite Support who can guide you towards available knowledge Base Documents for these new MailSite ExpressPro features:
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3. Requirements

MailSite 10 System Requirements: Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements MailSite ExpressPro, Calendar Server and ActiveSync System Requirements Return to Contents Section

4. Installation

This program will install all the necessary components to run MailSite as an email server or a gateway. This program will automatically detect the installation method: UPGRADE INSTALLATION

This covers an upgrade from any installed version of MailSite (4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x). The upgrade installation process keeps all the previous settings and does not make any modifications. It will, however, add a new Windows account called MSIISUSER and will add some non-intrusive permissions to this account for the use of MailSite ExpressPro running under the IIS web service. This new Windows account is a standard user we have adopted which will be needed in future MailSite upgrade installations. The only problem that may occur is that propagation of this new user rights can take a long time if the message store is large.

The upgrade installation process does take into consideration previous MailSite Clustered installations. All permissions, settings and configuration settings will be left intact.

IMPORTANT: With the release of MailSite 9.4 The Express and Pocket web clients are no longer supported. If they are installed on your system they will be removed during the upgrade process. Please contact support if this presents a problem for you or your customers.


The new installation assumes that any previous version of MailSite has been removed or the operating system has been newly installed. The installation will configure MailSite with the necessary accounts and permissions for the MailSite directory and subdirectories.

For additional installation documentation please check:


New clustered installations require additional configuration. When clustering MailSite please keep the following information in mind: Additional information can be found at:

If you are planning to install a new clustered environment, please request the MailSite Fusion SP Clustering White Paper from your sales representative at

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5. Security Configurations

The installer will set sufficient user and folder permissions for MailSite and all of its components to run in a single server configuration. The following default permissions are assigned by the installer:

Table 1 - MailSite Security Settings
Folder User/Group Permission
\MailSite SYSTEM Modify
\MailSite MSIISUSER Modify
\MailSite\WebServices\Web.UI\Cache [IIS Process Identity] Modify
\Windows\Temp [IIS Process Identity] Modify

By default, these permissions are set explicitly on each of the listed folders and will be inherited by all files and folders under the C:\program files\MailSite directory or the location you specify as the installation location.

Please keep these permission settings in consideration when making modifications to your installation.

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6. Purchase

You can find information on purchasing MailSite products on our website at:

Or Call

Americas Sales (PST) CA 408-879-5600
International Sales (GMT) UK +44 (0)113 383 0125

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7. Support

Rockliffe Systems's online support area is available 24x7 with a wealth of solutions available directly from your web browser via the World Wide Web.

Evaluators receive 30 days of free email support during their evaluation period.

Free access to the Support Knowledge base is provided at:

To open a support case: (select Open Case)

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8. MailSite and ExpressPro Changes

ID Fixed Component Title
14513 Pop3a POP returning invalid LIST response after message delivery
14512 Smtpda Messages not delivered when large number of messages in incoming
14514 Web.UI Admin: Domain: Mailboxes: Empty result results in YSOD
14516 Web.UI Admin: Domain: Mailboxes: Creating mailbox with empty name causes YSOD
14515 Web.UI Admin: Domain: Synonyms: Deleting last synonym causes YSOD
14517 Web.UI Admin: Domain: Mailboxes Don't allow the user to delete themselves
14485 10.3 Interop.Core Delete / move of emails very slow
14488 10.3 MailUtil Delete / move of emails very slow
14489 10.3 MFldrMgr Delete / move of emails very slow
14486 10.3 Web.UI Delete / move of emails very slow
14487 10.3 Web.Utils Delete / move of emails very slow
14374 Web.UI Admin Section: Window size refresh not working
14499 SqlConnector Remove logging to Event Log
14511 Web.UI Limit the scope of the handler for opening mailboxes
14510 Web.UI Add Delete and Create functionality for mailboxes
14509 Web.UI Correct the pattern for finding stylesheets
14508 Web.UI JavaScript and CSS obfuscation fixes
14507 Web.UI Use the minified js files
14506 Web.UI Inline objects obfuscated
14505 Web.UI Don't obfuscate the RouteConfig class
14504 Web.UI Drop down menus not rendered correctly
14503 Web.UI Don't obfuscate the MVC controllers
14502 Web.UI Add domain configuartion
14501 Unknown Unable to upload large file attachments
14484 Web.UI v7 contacts and distribution lists not deleting
14483 Web.Utils v7 contacts and distribution lists not deleting
14480 Web.UI Add confirm box to get untrusted content when printing email
14476 Web.UI Allow deletion of express v7 distribution lists
14478 Web.UI Delete / move of emails very slow
14475 Web.UI Fix attempting to select items from an empty grid
14474 Web.UI Allow express v7 contact deletion
14477 Web.Utils Allow deletion of express v7 distribution lists
14461 Web.UI Popups stop Chrome from working
14454 Web.UI Offline mode broken
14457 Web.UI Update Norwegian language files
14452 Web.UI Contact Job title not saved
14451 Web.Utils GAL query failing when unable to write out enumerated contact cache
14439 Service.AirSync Exceptions thrown in AirSync
14459 Web.UI File Upload Changes (Unexpected Error When TRying to Attach 6MB or larger file)
14443 Web.Utils Link to images not showing up
14442 Web.Utils API error after sending a saved email
14431 Service.AirSync If the client has disconnected on complete the task if we're in a heartbeat
14433 Web.UI Pressing Cancel in the Spam Setting screen does not work in IE11
14432 Web.UI Contacts: Shared contacts have no icon
14430 Web.Utils Register tasks with the hosting environment
14428 Service.AirSync Airsync command accessing shared state
14426 Web.UI Contacts: Shared Contact have no icon.
14425 Service.AirSync Partial SendMail requests cause invalid messages to be sent
14419 Web.UI Purge and don't ask again
14422 Web.UI Unexpected Error when trying to attach 6MB or larger file
14423 Web.UI Addition of client side logging
14413 Web.UI Add "Create" and "Destroy" buttons for mailboxes
14409 Service.AirSync Add additional logging
14412 Service.AirSync Additional logging of SyncAction and BackgroundProcess objects.
14410 Web.Utils DeviceIds logged as [untagged]
14411 Web.Utils Add ID to WBXML Writer
14408 Web.UI All Keyboard input is lost if ExpressPro progress swirl is displayed.
14401 Web.UI Contact: Double Spinning Wheel Shown
14406 Web.UI Remove Loading Panel
14394 Web.UI Double Clicking Doesn't Open Event Editor on Week or Day View in Calendar
14397 Web.UI Stop displaying "processing updates"
14395 Unknown Compose: No space between Signature and top of message
14391 Web.UI Changing format between HTML and plaintext doesn't update signature
14393 Web.Utils Too many end elements
14389 Unknown Settings: Personalities: Add new Personality error
14390 Web.UI Cannot Add New Personality
14387 Web.UI Confusing messages (and a typo) when deleting folders.
14386 Web.UI Undefined shown in the contact Notes on a new contact
14388 Web.Utils Too many end elements
14385 Web.UI Unable to delete AirSyncDevice
14384 Web.UI Undefined shown in the contact Notes
14383 Web.UI Filter settings inaccessible in IE/ Unbale to create personalities
14377 Web.UI Pictures can be drag-dropped into compose window in Firefox
14382 Unknown ReplyAll includes user's email.
14381 Web.UI IE11: Unable to save non-character unicode points
14372 Web.UI IE 11 - After Import Contact Grey Box Remains on Screen for a few secs or until
14368 Web.UI Invalid unicode within utf-8 format
14373 Web.UI Admin Section Causing issues with Settings Section
14375 Web.UI Resume Editing Draft Doesn't Load 2nd Time
14371 Web.UI Cannot enter contacts section
14498 MailUtil Add function debugging to LogPurger
14497 MailUtil Remove rolled over logs as well as the defaults
14361 Web.UI Compose: No space between Signature and top of message
14363 Web.UI Admin: AirSync Devices: Incorrect user data changed
14495 MailUtil Top level log files not purged
14482 MFldrMgr Latest source not pulled into hotfix build
14365 Service.AirSync Sync fails to use .dat files built from old versions.
14366 Service.AirSync Sync stuck in loop
14494 MailUtil Old log files not purged due to corrupt search string
14479 MFldrMgr Failure to get non-existant messages causes ForEach to fail
14364 Service.AirSync Sync failure due to null reference
14362 Web.UI Admin: Password section shouldn't require old password
14367 Web.UI Failure on saving invalid utf8 characters to localstorage
14360 Web.UI DHAP page is protected by login
14493 MailUtil Memory leak when outbound TLS handshake with server fail
14472 MFldrMgr Add additional logging to the prefetch process
14358 Service.AirSync Sync commands to alter invalid server ids should result in pushing deletions
14357 Service.AirSync MoreAvailable sent when asking for no changes
14356 Web.UI Saving drafts multiple times
14354 Web.UI Unable to enter contact section
14355 Web.Utils Saving drafts multiple times
14491 MailUtil Services crash when using Database logging
14470 MFldrMgr Unable to update large folders
14350 Service.AirSync Missing collection from old device association
14351 Service.AirSync SMS options overwriting the default class options
14352 Web.UI Resume Editing of a Draft the body of the message is lost
14348 Web.Utils Message sent via AirSync delivered three times
14349 Web.Utils Original message bodies missing from AirSync smart replies
14462 MFldrMgr Actively record whether we succeed or fail to fetch a message
14467 MlbxMgr CPropertyCacheOpLock properties not thread safe
14346 Service.AirSync Failure to sync
14490 Smtpda Parallelise local email delivery
14463 MailUtil CPropertyCacheOpLock properties not thread safe
14448 MFldrMgr Could not deliver message - system error
14460 MlbxMgr Catch incorrect use of propertyCache object after destruction
14338 Service.AirSync Record Response WBXML on heartbeat error
14481 Smtpda Crash on shutdown
14336 Web.UI IE8: console is undefined
14339 Web.Utils Record Response WBXML on heartbeat error
14333 Imap4a Concurrency issues with CList
14444 MailUtil Replace CloseHandle with FreeLibrary
14447 MFldrMgr Standardise failure to open files on INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
14455 MlbxMgr Mailboxes password not reset automatically after being locked
14332 Service.AirSync Faulty collections object not initialized
14456 ServiceCmn Restricted number of worker threads for initial listener thread pass off
14334 ServiceCmn SMTPRA Crash on shutdown
14471 Smtpda By user logs written to recipient domain
14330 Web.UI Contacts: Screen shifts up when section selected
14342 Web.UI Changing style doesn't do anything
14345 Web.UI Toggling back to Normal from a heading doesn't work
14341 Web.UI Changing style to one with no Element creates null elements
14344 Web.UI Text selection code fails if it contains br tags
14343 Web.UI Styles don't alter p tags
14337 Web.UI Attachment list dissappears in chrome
14340 Web.UI Changing style affects content through to the end of the file
14331 Web.UI IE8: console is undefined
14407 MailUtil Additional function debugging for reader/writer locks
14446 MFldrMgr INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE or nullptr returned as failures of file open
14450 MlbxMgr Rollback breaking changes to MlbxMgr
14327 Service.AirSync Old Profile in outlook not syncing
14445 ServiceCmn Incorrect thread count in serviceCmn
14438 Smtpda Don't surround mailbox agent quotes with parameters
14465 SqlConnector Remove database version checking
14466 SqlConnector Quote all parameters when calling MsObeySql
14324 Web.UI UI freezes if web service call fails
14326 Web.UI Settings sections do not load
14329 Web.UI IE8: Trying to delete a permanent contact triggers error
14328 Web.UI Can't edit contact notes until you refresh the page
14473 ContactMgr Allow express v7 contact deletion
14379 MailUtil Revert changes to external interface
14420 MFldrMgr Unable to delete folders
14434 MlbxMgr Reduce locking contention within on MailboxCache
14492 MsccMgr Services crash when using Database logging
14404 MsQuota Don't quit on a mailbox error just move on to the next mailbox
14403 MsQuota Fix -mailbox command to allow non default domains
14436 ServiceCmn Move CacheFile to ServiceCmn for use across binaries
14429 Smtpda File not at location passed to agent
14316 Web.UI Admin Manager: list don't display context users data
14319 Web.UI More available missing from sync responses
14322 Web.UI Mobile numbers don't show up in grid
14318 Web.UI Prevent replying to outdated sync requests
14323 Web.UI Support JobTitle and Comments
14320 Web.UI IE: Unable to load Settings and Contacts sections
14469 ContactMgr Unable to remove certain contact data
14458 Imap4a Add additional tracing
14449 Interop.Core Default mail address defaults to a users web mail address
14369 MailFilter2 Permit AVG SDK to be updated dynamically
14335 MFldrMgr Critical section not protecting CMap
14405 MsccDlg Opening DHAP dialog crashes MailCFig
14421 MsLog Update help output
14380 MsQuota Revert changes to external interface
14427 Smtpda Fix paths with spaces for use with the Mailbox Agent
14441 SqlConnector Add additional ECR tracing
14453 ContactMgr Unable to remove write privileges from GAL
14437 Imap4a Move CacheFile to ServiceCmn for use across binaries
14347 Interop.Core Re-loading the application after push command causes memory corruption
14440 MailCmn Add additional ECR tracing
14321 MailFilter2 Anti-Virus definitions not updating
14359 MailUtil IMAP crash on shutdown
14398 MFldrMgr Use memory journal mode for sql to reduce number of handles
14311 MFldrMgr Messages resurrected with old UIDs
14400 MlbxMgr Reduce the contention on CMailboxCache objects
14370 MsAvgSdk Permit AVG SDK to be updated dynamically
14396 MsccDlg Mail Server statistics differ before and after creating report
14399 MsccMgr reduce handles held by mailserver objects
14392 MsImportExport MSIMPORTEXPORT not importing some multiline properites
14418 MsLog MsLog options are unclear
14464 MsObeySql Remove database version checking
14376 MsQuota MSQuota Error on reporting a missing mailbox
14435 Pop3a Cache list command responses in POP for quick response
14402 RegistryConnector Default domain might be counted twice during license check
14313 Service.AirSync WBXML addtional logging for errors in heartbeat response
14315 Service.AirSync Check for a query string to avoid throwing an exception
14325 Smtpda Add user name to outgoing operations logging
14317 SqlConnector Column referenced with wrong case
14468 WConsole Mailboxes displayed in a random order
14312 Web.UI Lack of margin in compose control
14309 Web.UI Mobile numbers do not show up in Contacts Grid
14314 Web.UI Remove close button from external message viewer
14310 Web.Utils Mobile numbers do not show up in Contacts Grid
14301 10.2.0 Multiple Full Build: Expire mailbox/maillistenabled.c
14303 10.2.0 Multiple Full Build: Expire logevent.h


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9. Known Issues

Within this release of MailSite there are these known issues within the product that will be resolved in a future release :-

9.2 ExpressPro

In some circumstances, where local text is longer than the equivalent English text, controls on some ExpressPro pages are misaligned.

Some error and warning messages are shown in native English when a local language has been configured.

ExpressPro supports a wider range of Recurrence rules than are currently supported by Outlook.  In some cases Outlook may fail to display complex recurring events or display an error when amending such events.  Clearly we have no control over Outlook's recurrence feature set, so would encourage simple recurrence rule usage when planning to synchronizing with Outlook.

After synchronizing Contacts between Outlook and ExpressPro, formatting of the Outlook notes field may be changed.

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