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Ultimate Email Security
Content Filtering, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection, Policy Enforcement, and More
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MailSite Fusion provides secure mail at all times!

MailSite Fusion protects your information by encrypting your communication through Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols that maintain your confidentiality and message integrity.

MailSite Fusion also allows you to limit SMTP to local IP addresses and block specific hosts/IP adresses to prevent your system against Denial-of-Service Attacks, Directory Harvest Attacks, phishing, and other malware.
Integrated AVG Anti-Virus Protection
The integrated AVG Anti-Virus in MailSite Fusion provides high-performance, real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing messages to automatically detect and reject any threats to your system and information.
Powerful MailShell Anti-Spam Protection
The built-in MailShell Anti-Spam engine in MailSite Fusion provides heuristic analysis, patern-matching and spam definitions that secure your information from malicious email.
MailSite Fusion provides you various filtering options. You can filter inbound and outbound email by size or attachment type. You can also apply filters to reject, delete, quarantine, tag, log, or archive information. In addition, you can include or exclude information at the server, domain, and mailbox levels to ensure maximum email protection.
With MailSite Fusion, you can apply disclaimers to outbound email, specify unacceptable content, and monitor and log specific content, and archive messages. All of which is easily configured at the domain, server, and mailbox levels.
MailSite Fusion enables you to have maximum flexiblity to store and forward to other SMTP servers.

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