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Full Featured Email, Calendar and Contacts Web Client
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MailSite ExpressPro
• What is it?

MailSite ExpressPro is our Email, Calendar and Contact AJAX web client. MailSite ExpressPro provides a desktop look and feel client that allows users to manage their personal email, calendars and contacts from a web browser.

• Microsoft Outlook

Automatically synchronize Calendar and Contact data with Outlook. This means that the user’s email, calendar and contact data is always available from any web browser anywhere in the world.

• Calendar Sharing

MailSite ExpressPro allows users to subscribe to remote calendars such as Google Calendars. It also allows users to share their own calendars with others users in ExpressPro or through clients such as Apple Mac iCal, Mozilla Lightning and Google Calendar. Users can share all of their calendar details or just their free-busy information.

• Mailbox Admin

MailSite ExpressPro allows users with server or domain level privileges to manage settings for other user's mailboxes.

Calendar and Contacts

Personal calendars can be managed in both MailSite ExpressPro, Microsoft Outlook, and a Mobile Device, allowing business users to keep their Outlook calendar in synch while on the road or at home. For those who use a different client, MailSite supports Google Calendar and Apple iCal. MailSite calendars can also be shared with family, friends and colleagues allowing easy meeting scheduling.

MailSite ExpressPro and Microsoft Outlook can be used to view multiple public calendars on most common systems such as Google calendar and Apple iCal.

Flexible Contact Lists

MailSite ExpressPro provides support for legacy MailSite Express (shipped with previous releases of MailSite) contacts and stores new contacts in the more powerful vCard format. Enterprise users will love the ability to see all contacts in their domain so that they have colleagues available at a mouse-click. Users can even choose to see anyone who has sent a mail currently in their Inbox. Personal contact lists can be automatically synchronized with Outlook.


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  • Web-based collaboration client
  • Desktop-style interface
  • Management of Email, Calendars and Contacts
  • Spell Checker
  • Regional settings
  • Auto Reply administration
  • Password administration
  • Folder drag and drop management

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