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MailSite Business Partners
A Deeper Look Into Our Community
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MailSite Business Partners
MailSite's community is built of partners accross the industry. Take a peek.
  1. Strategic Partners
  2. Hosting Partners
  3. Technology Partners
  4. OEM Partners
  5. Industry Partners
Strategic Partners work with MailSite Software to deliver innovative new technologies and solutions.
MailSite and HP have combined forces to offer a range of MailSite based messaging solutions.
HP develops a complementary set of computer hardware, systems software, application software, and services which facilitate the creation of Internet-enabled e-business systems that are highly available - anywhere, anytime.
MailSite has been validated on IBM Netfinity Servers in a real-life environment.
The IBM ServerProven program is based on a simple idea: make sure the complete business solution - application, hardware and software are validated. Customers can confidently purchase IBM ServerProven solutions and the redesigned ServerProven emblem helps you easily identify solutions for your business critical e-business needs.
MailSite is a Microsoft Certified Partner
Microsoft Certified Partner Program is a widely-recognized, worldwide program for independent companies that provide Microsoft-based IT services and products to corporate, government and small- or medium-sized businesses.
Hosting Partners deliver messaging services to their customers using MailSite technology. MailSite refers customers to hosting partners who wish to outsource their messaging platform.
Offers co-managed dedicated email hosting using MailSite.
Verizon business provides hosting solutions designed exclusively for businesses that have Internet requirements tied to critical business objectives. Verizon's line of secure, scalable, high-performance hosting solutions are a key ingredient to the success of hundreds of e-businesses.
Call Sciences has built the Onebox voicemail, email and fax service using a MailSite SP platform.
Call Sciences is a leading provider of enhanced communications services for individuals, businesses and service providers worldwide. Call Sciences proudly markets its products under the Onebox brand. Onebox is a service that features voicemail, email, fax and Find Me Follow Me.
Provides Business Domain Email & Web Hosting using MailSite
AT&T offers Business Email and Web Hosting Solutions to people running a growing small business or just starting out.
Technology Partners offer products that integrate with MailSite to deliver added value to customers. MailSite engineers work closely with our Technology Partners to ensure that the technology integration is seamless. MailSite and our Technology Partners jointly market and sell the integrated solution.
The Mailshell Anti-Spam engine is integrated into MailSite.
MailSite Anti-Virus Filter is powered by AVG technology.
IEA Software's Emerald billing software integrates seamlessly with MailSite.
Rodopi billing software integrates seamlessly with MailSite.
OEM Partners deliver packaged solutions that include MailSite's embedded technology. MailSite works with our OEM Partners to license and integrate our products into their solutions.
Rockwell Collins has incorporated MailSite technology into the HF Messenger product.
Rockwell Collins Messenger, an advanced High Frequency (HF) Data Communications tool, provides fast, accurate and cost-effective forms of wireless messaging. It permits personal computers or other data input devices to exchange text, files, facsimiles, images and pictures at data rates equivalent to current satellite radios over an HF medium.
Cegedim Rx has incorporated MailSite Technology into the Nexphase product Line.
Cegedim Rx is the market leading supplier of software solutions and computer services to the UK pharmacy market. Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase are the leading PMR solutions in the UK and used by many organisations including The Co-operative Group, Superdrug and Morrison’s, as well as over 50% of the independent pharmacy market, including BJP - Healthcare, Elora Pharmacy in Benfleet, Yardley Chemist in Rayleigh Essex and The S G Court Group.
The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
The Consortium is focused on the interoperable exchange of calendaring and scheduling information between dissimilar programs, platforms, and technologies. The Consortium's mission is to promote general understanding of and provide mechanisms to allow interoperable calendaring and scheduling methodologies, tools and applications to enter the mainstream of computing.
The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group
The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group is a global organization focusing on preserving electronic messaging from online exploits and abuse with the goal of enhancing user trust and confidence, while ensuring the deliverability of legitimate messages.

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