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Frequently Asked Questions
ActiveSync, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, Technical Support and More
Hopefully you have already started to experience the ease of use, power and flexibility of MailSite. This page aims to provide additional information to help evaluators answer more detailed MailSite questions.
  • How hard is it to install and configure MailSite?
  • Many of our customers set up their MailSite software in less than one hour using MailSite's sophisticated installation and configuration Wizards. In addition, Rockliffe has prepared a set of comprehensive Reviewer's Guides to help make your evaluation a successful one. Please refer to the relevant guide before and during installation. Note that the Evaluation license key that is available in our User Room enables all features and expires 30 days after installation.
  • Sometimes you just need someone on the end of the phone - right?
  • Rockliffe provides free online services, including an extensive Knowledge Base and a Customer Portal that includes extensive product release notes. However, there is no substitute for direct personal assistance. That is why Rockliffe Support Teams in the US and Europe provide free pre-sales technical support by phone and email. That is also why many of Rockliffe's customers subscribe to our Support Services which can guarantee a phone call from a Rockliffe Technical Support Engineer within two hours if something critical goes wrong.
  • Why buy from Rockliffe?
  • Your email services are critical to your organization. Just as you will be looking for a quality product, you will also want to ensure that your supplier is committed to the email market and has a secure future. Rockliffe has been specialising in developing email software and email security software for businesses and services providers since 1995. When you buy from Rockliffe, you are putting the security and reliability of your email services in safe hands.
  • How do I migrate other email applications to MailSite?
  • Rockliffe's knowledge base documents several tools designed to assist with migrating legacy email applications onto MailSite. This includes a generic XML database migration utility. If you cannot see what you are looking for in our Knowledge Base, our Support Services will be pleased to advise on alternative resources. If you would like us to perform the migration on your behalf, please contact our Professional Services team.
  • Can I customize MailSite and integrate it with other applications?
  • Yes, you can. Rockliffe has developed a set of brandable interfaces, APIs and integration points to allow our customers to customize their MailSite services and integrate MailSite with third party applications.
  • How do I manage my account with Rockliffe?
  • The MailSite Customer Portal is designed to meet all the online needs of our customers. It is not just a source of information on the latest releases and hotfixes, it also allows you to manage your MailSite licenses, plan your subscription renewals, download additional evaluation keys, change your contact details, or even unsubscribe from our mailing list.
  • How do I purchase MailSite?
  • Small and medium size businesses can purchase MailSite SE licenses (up to 500 mailboxes) through our secure webstore.  Alternatively, ring us or email us with your requirements or contact an authorized Rockliffe Reseller. We will be happy to prepare a quote and provide additional purchase options if required.
Don't forget, if you are already running a production service with your evaluation license key, you can install a permanent MailSite SE or MailSite LE license key without any service interruption - just remember to act before your license expires!

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