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Anti-Spam Protection
Powerful Built-In Anti-Spam Protection
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Built-In Mailshell Anti-Spam
MailSite has partnered with Mailshell to provide a layered Anti-Spam solution that is always ready to safeguard your information, without interruption in service or administrator intervention. The built-in Anti-Spam engine in MailSite Fusion provides heuristic analysis, pattern-matching and spam definitions that secure your information from Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA), phishing, and other malicious email.

Software Details


Cost / Savings

Key Features

  • Automatically updates new versions of the scanning engine as necessary.
  • Analyses and applies a powerful SPAM filter to all messages.
  • Includes definitions that block emails that present a threat to the system.
  • Integrates blacklists, whitelists, and Greylisting.
  • Maximum protection via real-time reputation based filtering for domains and IP addresses.
  • Finite control of message routing based on content and spam score through MailSite Sieve Filtering
The system continuously checks for updates and automatically protects after a new form of SPAM or phishing message is released.
MailSite Anti-Spam is included with MailSite SE One Price bundles or can be added to your existing services as part of a custom package. For larger deployments it can be licensed per mailbox basis.
  • Heuristic analysis, Pattern matching, SPAM definitions.
  • Automated updates.
  • White, Black, and Grey list support.
  • Configurable at: Server, Domain and Mailbox levels.
  • Scan and filter both incoming and outgoing mail from remote and local users.
  • Option to excludes authenticated users and friendly IP's from scanning.

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