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MailSite Amazon Cloud Image Updated to 10.3

AWSThe MailSite Ready To Run Email Server available on the Amazon Cloud has proved very popular with our customers small and large.

Built on a secured Windows Server 2012 virtual machine, installed and configured for you by our experts, you can be up and running with a new MailSite server in as little as 15 minutes!

Our large customers appreciate the flexibility of being able to add extra servers to their cluster at the click of a mouse, while the cost savings combined with maintaining control of their email server appeals to many a small business.

The server image has now been updated to our latest release, MailSite 10.3 and fully patched with the latest Microsoft updates including the SChannel vulnerability patch.

Existing users can upgrade to 10.3 without even touching an installer:

  • Launch a new instance
  • Backup your configuration using MSBACK
  • Restore the configuration to the new server
  • Detach the data volume from your current server and attach it to the new image using the AWS Console
  • Re-assign your Elastic IP to the new instance
  • Start your services and you are ready to run on 10.3

For those that prefer the traditional approach you can upgrade quickly and easily using the new MailSite 10 Update installer, and of course anyone new to the platform just has to launch a copy of the Image to be up-to-date and ready to run.

Sign up for EC2 today and you can run a MailSite micro instance FREE for a year with the included free tier.  All you need to bring is a MailSite license key. For more information on how you can deploy a new MailSite server in the cloud, or move your existing install to Amazon EC2 email or call our sales team.

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