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Announcing MailSite Fusion Version 10

We’re thrilled to announce the release of MailSite Fusion V10, our Windows-based mail server. In previous versions of MailSite, we listened to our users on what we could do to create a better experience for everyone. Although we weren’t able to incorporate all of the ideas into this release, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the changes we have made to our product.  The many enhancements we’ve made are designed to better the webmail experience and increase server performance, reliability, and speed of email delivery.

Key feature updates

  • ActiveSync support for Outlook 2013 – Mailsite now support Exchange Activesync (EAS) 14, which allow you to seamlessly synchronize emails, contacts and calendar on Outlook 2013. This eliminates the need of generating a SharePoint link to set up contact and calendar synchronization, thus reducing the set up process and increasing productivity for the users.
  • IMAP IDLE – the latest IMAP feature that allows users to almost instantly receive new emails.
  • Distributed SQLite mail store index caches for increased IMAP, POP, and delivery performance.
  • Individualized spool directories for each user, which permits delivery to a locked folder, and shorter locks during delivery of new items.
  • Improved message store performance
  • Max password failures per user function – Allows a server administrator to lock down an account if an incorrect password is submitted too many times for any account.

How to upgrade

Current customers can request a new version 10 license key from their sales rep, free of charge, as long as they have a valid MailSite subscription. Upgrading is a snap, and requires only a few steps to complete. New users can sign up on our website to acquire a Version 10 30-day demo key, which has all the benefits of a full-fledged license key, and will allow you to test all the features of MailSite for 30 days.

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