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Product, Technology and Support news relating to MailSite email, calendar and contact server software

MailSite 10.3 Released

Domain Administration Now Available in ExpressPro: MailSite 10.3 continues the work that we started in MailSite 10 to move the most common administration tasks from the Windows and Web Consoles into ExpressPro. MailSite 10.3 expands upon the mailbox administration options already present in 10.2. It brings the ability to manage domain settings together with account creation and deletion into ExpressPro. [More]

Microsoft Wants Your Email In The Cloud – No More Small Business Server

Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) product. The Microsoft SBS server provides small companies with up to 75 Microsoft Exchange email accounts at a reasonable cost. The SBS server and has been the main stay of the small business email market for years.Microsoft named Windows Server Essentials 2012 as the official replacement for Small Business Server. Windows Server Essentials does not include the Microsoft Exchange Server.Microsoft has decided to remove Exchange in favor of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud based email solution. With the official replacement, small businesses are being pushed towards a cloud storage platform that creates more problems than it solves. Your email data is no longer controlled by you. This leaves you vulnerable to privacy and security breaches. There are potentially severe legal risks with regards to auditing and compliance. Often overlooked are the hidden costs of cloud storage as well.  Since your data is no longer stored on site, you are forced to consume large amounts of expensive bandwidth to continuously access your data.  When you examine the true cost of moving to Windows Server Essentials 2012 with cloud based email, and experience the pain of MAPI access to the cloud, you will quickly realize that this is not the solution you want for your email.With MailSite, there are no surprises and no hidden costs. We provide an email server solution that you are already familiar with. Your data is all stored locally, which means you retain complete control over how your data is used. You have peace of mind knowing that your data isn’t being stored publically, and is secure on your personal server.MailSite will allow you to continue making use of your local network infrastructure, ensuring your previous investment in hardware does not go to waste. MailSite works with Microsoft Office so your employees can continue to use their familiar email client. MailSite is very fast over a local network so your employees can be very productive managing their inboxes.  MailSite runs on a Windows server that you already have and are familiar with. Why take the risk and the added cost? MailSite easily takes over where your Small Business Server left off, utilizing the infrastructure you already have and saving you money.For more information on MailSite visit: http://www.mailsite.com

MailSite 10.1 Maintenance Release

MailSite 10.1 has been released to our website for download. This is primarily a stability and bug fix update for version 10 and we strongly recommend all customers upgrade to this latest release. 10.1 also includes a small number of new enhancements and features including [More]

IMAP Performance Improvements in MailSite 10 (part 2)

In a previous blog post we described the pipelining performance optimizations we made in MailSite 10 to improve IMAP and TLS connections. This wasn't all we did in MailSite 10, we also decided to tackle a long standing protocol flaw in IMAP; the ability to query for changes to a folder, especially in modern mail folders which could easily contain 10,000s of email messages. [More]

IMAP Performance Improvements in MailSite 10 (part 1)

After performance tuning our ActiveSync V14 support in MailSite 10.0, we found to our surprise that syncing a large account was dramatically faster than it was against our IMAP server. In both cases the vast majority of the data transferred must be identical message data, so it ought to be the case that the sync times are very similar. This led us to set up an experiment to examine our IMAP performance in more detail; an exercise which turned out to be a very fruitful indeed. [More]

MailSite News and Offers June 2013

Free ActiveSync Subscription and Upgrade Assistance With Renewals. MailSite LE/SP subscription? Renew in June or July and receive Free ActiveSync mailboxes for native synchronization for email, calendar and contacts with your mobile and desktop devices. MailSite SE subscription? Renew in June or July and receive free upgrade assistance*. And there's more! Back by popular demand - 3for2 Special! Celebrate with us and receive a free year of service when you purchase a two year MailSite subscription in June or July. [More]

Announcing MailSite Fusion Version 10

We’re thrilled to announce the release of MailSite Fusion V10, our Windows-based mail server. In previous versions of MailSite, we listened to our users on what we could do to create a better experience for everyone. Although we weren’t able to incorporate all of the ideas into this release, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the changes we have made to our product. The many enhancements we’ve made are designed to better the webmail experience and increase server performance, reliability, and speed of email delivery. [More]