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MailSite Blog

Product, Technology and Support news relating to MailSite email, calendar and contact server software

MailSite Amazon Cloud Image Updated to 10.3

The MailSite Ready To Run Email Server available on the Amazon Cloud has proved very popular with our customers small and large, new and old. Built on a secured Windows Server 2012 virtual machine, installed and configured for you by our experts, you can be up and running with a new MailSite server in as little as 15 minutes! [More]

MailSite 10.3 Released

Domain Administration Now Available in ExpressPro: MailSite 10.3 continues the work that we started in MailSite 10 to move the most common administration tasks from the Windows and Web Consoles into ExpressPro. MailSite 10.3 expands upon the mailbox administration options already present in 10.2. It brings the ability to manage domain settings together with account creation and deletion into ExpressPro. [More]

IMAP Performance Improvements in MailSite 10 (part 2)

In a previous blog post we described the pipelining performance optimizations we made in MailSite 10 to improve IMAP and TLS connections. This wasn't all we did in MailSite 10, we also decided to tackle a long standing protocol flaw in IMAP; the ability to query for changes to a folder, especially in modern mail folders which could easily contain 10,000s of email messages. [More]

Debugging Tips: How to Find and Trace a Message Through the SMTPRA and SMTPDA Logs

Have you ever wanted to know where that missing message went that you never received? Has an employee said they didn’t receive your email when you think they did? Well now you can find out where they went. [More]